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T.J. Robinson offers Life and Spiritual coaching. She has an emphasis on self-care, time management and PTSD and anxiety. Do you need to find balance? Are you actively seeking healing through self-care and discovery? Learn wellness steps and techniques with Akua TJ to guide

you through your journey.

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Are you in need of a panel speaker or motivational speaker at your next event? Would you like to guide a group through wellness techniques. Professor TJ Akua specializes in leading discussions on healing, empowerment and celebration of Black/African people and culture.

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ocean retreat

Alafia Ocean Retreat is an all-inclusive wellness retreat that takes a holistic approach to healing- mind, body and spirit. With private rooms and ocean views Alafia Ocean Retreat allows the participant to revitalize themselves with 1-1 coaching, journaling sessions, live music, massages, reiki, and more. Treat yourself to a time of rest, restoration for your mind, body and spirit so that you may have Alafia- peace within. 

Public Speaker
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