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Akua T.J. specializes in self-care, and strategies to naturally deal with PTSD/Anxiety. The coaching packages are designed to foster wellness in your whole life.

T.J. Robinson holds an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Africana Psychology. She is currently pursuing her PhD at Cultural Studies Program and has obtained certificates in Africana Studies and Applied Women and Gender Studies. In 2015 Ms. Robinson’s article “The Healing Element of the Spirituals” published in the Journal of Pan African Studies. She is also a co-author of Amazon Bestseller The Beauty in My Mess Volume 1, published in 2018. Robinson has also contributed to the Black Power Encyclopedia published in 2018. 

Currently T.J. is a certified Life and Spiritual Coach. She is also the founder and executive director of Natural-WE Community a non-profit which focuses on the healing, empowerment and celebration of Black/African people and culture. T.J. enjoys helping others, singing, the ocean, all things food and spending time with family friends and loved ones. 

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